The Ethnographic Documentation & Information Center of the Polish Ethnological Society (ODiIE PTL) located at the Institute of Ethnology and Culture Anthropology at the University of Łódź (UŁ) was created in 1968 at the initiative of the long-standing President of PTL and the Head of the Department of Ethnography of UŁ Kazimiera Zawistowicz-Adamska, professor PhD.

Initially, the institution was supervised by professor Zawistowicz-Adamska and from 1971 to 2011 by Bronisława Kopczyńska-Jaworska, professor PhD. Since 2011 ODiIE has been supervised by Inga Kuźma, PhD (assistant professor at the Institute of Ethnology and Culture Anthropology at the University of Łódź).

The intention of the initiator of ODiIE PTL was to create a documentation institution which would include the entirety of science, popularization and culture & education activities, linked directly or indirectly with the field of ethnography. Throughout the years, however, it turned out that the processing of such huge amount of information was beyond the capabilities of the few fellow members of the institution. Thus, ODiIE was faced with the necessity of focusing its activity on the disciplines which enjoyed the greatest interest among the receivers, that is preparing the reviews of Polish ethnographic and ethnological works.

As a result of these works, a five-volume bibliography of the present Polish ethnography for the years 1961-1990 was prepared and published, as well as a two-volume retrospective bibliography for the years 1926-1939 and the bibliography of the contents of two magazines: ‘Lud’ from the years 1895-1985 and ‘Literatura Ludowa’ from the years 1957-1980.

In 1986 bibliographic descriptions started to be prepared at the Center with the use of UNESCO software package Micro CDS/ISIS and the computer bibliography database started to be created. The database was the source for a part of the above-mentioned publications and present bibliography is being prepared on its basis as well. The data collected in the base also allowed to prepare bibliographic selections for a European magazine ‘Demos’, which had been issued until 2002, featuring ethnographic and folklore abstracts (until the closure, the editor’s office had been located in Germany), as well as for Internationale Volkskundliche Bibliographie, which had been issued until 2009 (formerly published under the auspices of SIEF and DGFV; in the last years of its activity, the editor’s office was located in Estonia). The database still constitutes the base for selections for the International Bibliography of Social Science/Anthropology (published at the initiative of UNESCO with the editor’s office located in Great Britain).

In 2002 the Ethnographic Documentation & Information Center started to work on providing the access to the present bibliography of Polish ethnography online.